Sep 30, 2021

Version 3.83

Bug Fixes

  • Massive memory and cpu usage reduction
  • Snipe is now faster, but still accurate
  • Bot should be faster overall faster and more scalable

Version 3.82

Visual Changes

  • warnlog now shows the time someone was warned based on your own time

Bug Fixes

  • Help menu had a line that was joined with another, woops
  • General stability improvements to enhance the user's experience


  • Suggestions can now have a minimum and maximum length using minsuggestlength and maxsuggestlength
  • Readded and improved playlist stuff
  • Added playlists command to show your playlists
  • Added playlist command, now supports playlist management using the following:
  • play command now supports direct urls and files!

<> - Optional, [] - Required

playlist show <playlistname>: Shows the specified playlist. If none is specified it uses the default playlist.

playlist delete [playlistname]: Deletes a playlist using the given name.

playlist create [playlistname]: Creates a playlist with the given name. Fails if therre is a playlist with the same name already stored.

playlist load <playlistname>: Loads the specified playlist, or if none is specified the default one.

playlist save [songname]: Saves a song to the playlist you specify after running this.

playlist default <playlistname>: Sets the specified playlist as yoour default. If none is specified it will show your current default playlist, if set.

Version 3.81

Visual Changes

  • Help menu reworked a bit to make finding modules easier
  • doing .cmds Module now tells you how to find help for a command

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to make the enhance the users experience.


  • MultiGreets!
  • You can now have up to 30 MultiGreets with 5 per channel, I dont know what you would use it for either but who cares!
  • multigreetadd/mgadd: Add the current or mentioned channel to MultiGreets.
  • multigreetdel/mgdel: Set after how long a certain MultiGreet deletes. Yes you heard me right, not all, a certain one, means you can control every single MultiGreet!
  • multigreetlist/mglist: Lists all active MultiGreets and their properties.
  • multigreetmessage/mgmsg: Set a certain MultiGreet's message. Yes this includes setting a different embed for each MultiGreet! Use along with to configure this!
  • multigreetremove/mgrem: Remove either a certain MultiGreet, or if a channel is mentioned remove all MultiGreets for that channel!
  • multigreettype/mgt: Set whether to use normal MultiGreet, or use RandomGreet and have Mewdeko pick a random channel to greet in!
  • multigreetwebhook/mghook: Allows you to set/remove/redo a webhook for a MultiGreet! Avatar is optional but must be a direct url! Put just the MultiGreet ID to remove a webhook.

Version 3.80

Visual Changes

  • Afk is now listed in the help menu, slash command help menu has been updated as well
  • reroli now shows the emote used for each role alongside them as well as how many roles are used
  • setmultipleroles renamed to setroles

Bug fixes

  • sinfo now shows proper guild features
  • boosttest now works properly and shouldnt fail
  • Fixed several yomama jokes
  • Fixed several module names for use with permission commands, this may break some permissions
  • Disabling all custom reactions will no longer show a "trigger" warning


  • You can now specify a voice channel ID or name before a role in vcrole to avoid needing to actually join the voice channel
  • Added crnr to disable the bot saying anything in a custom reaction, automatically makes emotes (if set) react to the trigger word
  • Added removeroles command to remove several roles from a user (ex. .removeroles @user role1 role2 etc)
  • Added rinfo command, used to show info about a role like its permission integer, its icon etc

Version 3.79

Visual Changes

  • Giveaways are now actually listed in the help menu
  • glist has been redone to use message id and not index

Bug Fixes

  • img now tries to use safesearch, cannot guarantee safesearch for imgur lol
  • getactiveafks is now way faster, and actually filters by guild
  • mute no longer has the annoying minutes addition

Version 3.78

Small updates

  • Giveaways can now have role requirements!
  • Added an unmuteall command with an optional reason when unmuting. Requires administrator perms.

Version 3.77

The Big Things

  • Music has been rewritten to be less intensive and allow more servers, as well as added features!
  • Playlists cannot yet be loaded but do not worry! They still exist and havent been erased.

The Little but useful things

  • Autodisconnect has been fixed and fully works now.
  • .play when searching using text now gives you the option to choose between: Playing all it found, playing what you choose, or playing the first thing it found
  • afkdisable/afkundisable/afkdisabledlist now actually work
  • afkdelete now requires manageguild
  • afkview now requires managemessages
  • getactiveafks shouldn't take so long anymore
  • doing .cmds modulenam for modules with spaces wont error anymore

And that's all for now! Thanks for sticking with me for all this time!

Version 3.76

The Big Things

  • Mewdeko has been refactored to be faster and stronger for upcoming growth
  • Giveaways have been started (more info later on here)
  • We are now partnered with!
  • Our mascot is now Black Hanekawa (from Monogotari), since our featureset is thicc and so is she :lolemotehere:
  • We now have a codev! After a year and a half of solo development we now have double the dev power! His username in the discord is JayHay#2699

Visual Changes

  • Reroli now lists each reaction role individually, along with their respective information.
  • Listperms is now paginated, instead of using plain text
  • Warnlog is now paginated instead of using plain text
  • Doing .cmds will no longer have a select menu due to it being a pain in the ass to maintain, lol
  • Doing .cmds category now paginates it per subcategory, so if you did .cmds utility it would show each subcategory individually so there's no gigantic embed
  • Errors for commands now wont be gigantic and will show you just what went wrong and its usage.
  • Pulling up info for a command with .h command now shows both perms needed for the user and the bot.
  • Userinfo now shows user type (Admin, Mod, etc), and is also slimmer, with a button to give more info
  • Serverinfo is also slimmer, with a button to show more info
  • You will see our partners URL when the bot joins your server and sends its join message, when doing .cmds, or viewing command categories
  • Suggestions Customization is now a sub category to not confuse new users lol

Bug Fixes

  • Afk no longer shows a random amount of time when using a custom afk message
  • Auto roles will now actually give out roles
  • Urban Dictionary, and Define will no longer post "unable to find definition" when they time out.
  • Randomreddit and any reddit command will no longer load forever and not load anything.
  • Internalboobs no longer shows as a command (was an internal method accidentally exposed.)
  • Commands that are disabled will no longer show an error message if those are turned on.
  • You can now disable commands without using the prefix in the command name
  • The bot will no longer randomly hang or restart unless we restart it.
  • Boost messages now actually work.
  • Banunder and Kickunder now downloads all server members before running to combat tokenraids.
  • Disabling the suggest command or module for a user/channel/category will prevent users from posting suggestions in the actual suggestions channel


  • afkdel: Allows you to set after how long an afk message is deleted in seconds. Usage .afkdel 30 (30 being the amount of seconds)
  • snipelist: Allows you to see the last 5 deleted messages, specify a number after snipelist to see that amount of messages
  • gstart: Allows you to start a giveaway. Currently underdeveloped but there will be more
  • glist: Lists currently running giveaways
  • gend: Ends a giveaway using the number in glist
  • vinfo: Shows info for your current or a mentioned voice channel
  • vcheck: Checks a url for viruses
  • emotelist: Shows the servers emotes. Specify animated or nonanimated to show that type
  • leavehook: allows you to set a webhook for when users leave
  • deleteroles: Allows you to delete multiple roles at a time, tells you how many users are in those roles
  • allcatmdls: Allows you to enable/disable all modules for a category
  • catcmd: allows you to enable/disable a command for a category
  • catmdl: allows you too enable/disable a module for a category
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