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Mewdeko - The Most Customizable Free and Open Source Discord Bot


With Auto Ban words, antispam, antiraid, and 2 different warning systems, Mewdeko can be as flexible as you want it to be!

  1. Auto Ban Words
  2. Moderation Commands
  3. Anti Raid Protection

Helpful/Friendly Staff

With a team that actually cares about you, we try to help out in the best way possible! Don't be afraid to DM Sylveon for bot support, I don't bite!

  1. Hosting A Bot
  2. Help Command
  3. Walking The Dog

Open Source

Our bot is completely open source with an AGPLv3 license (to combat code resellers)! We have self-host guides/scripts on the repo as well!

Github Repo


Create up to 30 MultiGreets in one server!


Custom Responses

You can create custom text and slash commands using the embed builder and variables, both are optional!

Go to Resources at the top for links to the embed builder and placeholders!

  1. Creating Custom Response
  2. Editing Custom Response
  3. Custom Command In Action


After spending hours on end making sure this works properly, you can customize many, many aspects of the bot to your liking! It's overkill sometimes honestly.

  1. Suggestion Commands
  2. Starboard Commands
  3. AFK Commands

... And Much More!

With a little over 20 modules, and me coming up with the most niche stuff to add, you definitely won't get bored! (I hope)

Modules List


What People Say About Mewdeko

We've been around for 2 years, there's bound to be some good reviews.

This is the most useful bot that XNekø has used! There is so many different types of things to do it’s amazing! 5 stars to the bot and them who created the bot! :3 XNekø Avatar

Out of all bots to exist, I understand this one the most lmao - so yeah!
I love the bot and hope nothing but the best for future reference

这个 Discord Bot 很棒 +100 Social Credit aknatn Avatar