Mewdeko - Misc

Setting up Your Credentials

Setting up credentials_example.json file

The credentials_example.json file is located in the Mewdeko/src/Mewdeko folder. Rename and configure it to credentials.json.

Getting the Bot's Token

  1. Go to the Discord Developer Portal and log in.

  2. Click on New Application.

  3. Give your application a name and click Create.

  4. Navigate to the Bot tab on the left sidebar.

  5. Click Add Bot and confirm by clicking Yes, do it!.

  6. Under the TOKEN section, click Copy to get your bot token.

    Paste your bot token between the quotation marks on the "Token" line of your credentials.json.

    It should look like this: "Token": "YOUR_BOT_TOKEN_HERE"

Setting up a PostgreSQL Database

Installing PostgreSQL on Linux

  1. Install PostgreSQL:
   sudo apt update
   sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib
  1. Switch to the postgres user:
   sudo -i -u postgres
  1. Create a new PostgreSQL role:
   createuser --interactive
  1. Create a new database:
   createdb mydatabase
  1. Set a password for the PostgreSQL role:
   ALTER USER yourusername WITH ENCRYPTED PASSWORD 'yourpassword';
  1. Edit the PostgreSQL configuration to allow password authentication:
  • Open the configuration file: bash sudo nano /etc/postgresql/12/main/pg_hba.conf
  • Find the lines that look like this and change peer to md5: local all postgres peer local all all peer host all all md5 host all all ::1/128 md5
  • Restart PostgreSQL: bash sudo systemctl restart postgresql
  1. Set up the PostgreSQL connection string in credentials.json:
  • Format: "PsqlConnectionString": "Server=ServerIp;Database=DatabaseName;Port=PsqlPort;UID=PsqlUser;Password=UserPassword"

Getting Owner ID(s)

  1. Go to your Discord server and attempt to mention yourself, but put a backslash at the start (to make it slightly easier, add the backslash after the mention has been typed).

  2. For example, the message \@yourusername#1234 will appear as <@YOUR_USER_ID> after you send the message.

  3. The message will appear as a mention if done correctly. Copy the numbers from it (YOURUSERID) and replace the big number on the OwnerIds section with your user ID.

  4. Save the credentials.json file.

  5. If done correctly, you should now be the bot owner. You can add multiple owners by separating each owner ID with a comma within the square brackets.

    For a single owner, it should look like this: "OwnerIds": ["YOUR_USER_ID"]

    For multiple owners, it should look like this (pay attention to the commas, the last ID should never have a comma next to it): "OwnerIds": ["USER_ID_1", "USER_ID_2", "USER_ID_3"]

Setting up Your API Keys

This part is completely optional; however, it's necessary for music and a few other features to work properly.

  1. GoogleApiKey (Required for Youtube Song Search, Playlist queuing, and a few more things)
  • Follow these steps on how to set up Google API keys:
    • Go to Google Console and log in.
    • Create a new project (name does not matter).
    • Once the project is created, go into Library.
    • Under the YouTube APIs section, enable YouTube Data API.
    • On the left tab, access Credentials.
    • Click the Create Credentials button.
    • Click on API Key.
    • A new window will appear with your Google API key.
    • NOTE: You don't need to click on RESTRICT KEY, just click on CLOSE when you are done.
    • Copy the key.
    • Open up credentials.json and look for "GoogleApiKey", paste your API key between the quotation marks.
    • It should look like this: "GoogleApiKey": "YOUR_GOOGLE_API_KEY_HERE"
  1. MashapeKey (Required for Hearthstone cards)
  • Api key obtained on (register -> go to MyApps -> Add New App -> Enter Name -> Application key)
  • Copy the key and paste it into credentials.json.
  1. OsuApiKey (Required for Osu commands)
  • You can get this key here [].
  1. CleverbotApiKey (Required if you want to use Cleverbot. It's currently a paid service)
  • You can get this key here [].
  1. TwitchClientId, TwitchClientSecret (Mandatory for following Twitch streams with .sta)
  • Go to the apps page [] on Twitch and register your application.
  • You need 2FA enabled on Twitch to create an application.
  • You can set http://localhost as the OAuth Redirect URL (and press Add button).
  • Select Chat Bot from the Category dropdown.
  • Once created, clicking on your application will show a new Client ID field. Make sure to grab the Client Secret as well.
  • Copy it to your credentials.json as shown below (if you're adding it as the last key inside your credentials.json, remove the trailing comma from the example below): "TwitchClientId": "YOUR_TWITCH_CLIENT_ID_HERE", "TwitchClientSecret": "YOUR_TWITCH_CLIENT_SECRET_HERE"
  1. CoinmarketcapApiKey (Optional. Used only for the .crypto command)
  • You can use the crypto command without it, but you might get rate-limited from time to time, as all self-hosters share the default API key.

Additional Settings

  1. PsqlConnectionString (Required for PostgreSQL database connection)
  • Format: "PsqlConnectionString": "Server=ServerIp;Database=DatabaseName;Port=PsqlPort;UID=PsqlUser;Password=UserPassword"
  1. LavalinkUrl (Required for music playback)
  • Format: "LavalinkUrl": "http://localhost:2333"
  1. ConfessionReportChannelId (Optional. Used for reporting confessions)
  • Format: "ConfessionReportChannelId": "YOUR_CHANNEL_ID_HERE"
  1. ChatSavePath (Optional. Path to save chat logs)
  • Format: "ChatSavePath": "/path/to/chatlogs/"

End Result

This is an example of how the credentials.json looks like with multiple owners, and all the API keys (also optional):

{ "Token": "YOUR_BOT_TOKEN_HERE", "OwnerIds": [ "USER_ID_1", "USER_ID_2" ], "UseGlobalCurrency": false, "SoundCloudClientId": "", "RestartCommand": null, "CarbonKey": "", "RedisConnections": "", "ShardRunCommand": "", "ShardRunArguments": "", "BotListToken": null, "VotesUrl": null, "PsqlConnectionString": "Server=ServerIp;Database=DatabaseName;Port=PsqlPort;UID=PsqlUser;Password=UserPassword", "CoinmarketcapApiKey": null, "DebugGuildId": "843489716674494475", "GuildJoinsChannelId": "892789588739891250", "GlobalBanReportChannelId": "905109141620682782", "PronounAbuseReportChannelId": "970086914826858547", "MigrateToPsql": false, "LastFmApiKey": null, "LastFmApiSecret": null, "GeniusKey": null, "CfClearance": null, "UserAgent": null, "CsrfToken": null, "LavalinkUrl": "http://localhost:2333", "SpotifyClientId": "", "SpotifyClientSecret": "", "StatcordKey": "", "ShardRunPort": "3444", "GoogleApiKey": "", "MashapeKey": "", "OsuApiKey": "", "TrovoClientId": "", "TwitchClientId": "", "CleverbotApiKey": "", "TotalShards": 1, "TwitchClientSecret": null, "VotesToken": null, "RedisOptions": null, "LocationIqApiKey": null, "TimezoneDbApiKey": null, "ConfessionReportChannelId": "942825117820530709", "ChatSavePath": "/usr/share/nginx/cdn/chatlogs/" }